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How to distinguish a dye?

Dyes are substances that make fibers and other materials colored. Dyes are natural and synthetic. The dye is mainly organic, and the ancient coating is extracted from plants and animals. A dye is a colored substance, but a substance with a color is not necessarily a dye. Dye is the material that can attach certain color to the fiber, and is not easy to fall off and change color. The dye is usually dissolved in water, and a part of the dye needs a mordant to make the dye stick to the fibre. Dyes are natural and synthetic.
The solubility of fuel in different solvents can be divided into: alcohol-soluble dye series. Dyes that can be dissolved in alcohols, bright in color and commonly used in alcohols; Oil - soluble dye series. Dyes that can be dissolved in grease and organic solvents, mainly used in oil coloring; Paraffin fuel series. A special dye used only for paraffin coloring.According to different structurally,the dyes can be divided into azo dyes, carbonyl dyes, reactive dyes, aromatic methane dyes and phthalocyanine dyes. In accordance with the application method can be divided into acid dyes, direct dyes, solvent dyes, VAT dyes and disperse dyes.
There are two more special classifications, which are distinguish with colors : the red and yellow solvent dyes are usually azo dyes, and the green and blue dyes are often anthraquinone dyes.
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