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Q:Introduction to solvent dye.

A: solvent dye is a type of color dye that dissolves in organic solvents, creating a solution. The ability to mix with solvents is due to the non-polar nature of the dye chemicals. This class of colorings is used in a range of products including ink, plastics, and resins. Within the class of solvent dyes, there are other types of dyes that relate to specific colors, such as solvent red or solvent yellow and solvent green or solvent blue, solvent black, solvent orange, solvent brown.
Chemicals that can easily dissolve in other chemicals and form a solution are called solvents. They cannot, however, be dissolved in water. These dyes are completely soluble in organic solvents, which means they will not form a separate layer or residue. The ability of the dye to completely dissolve is important to achieve a consistent color.

Q: How to use solvent dye?

A: Dyes can provide strong, primary coloration while chemical stains provide "earth tone" colorations. Dyes are usually diluted with water before application. Doyle suggests that if an application requires a 10:1 dilution with water to achieve the right color intensity, it's better to use a 20:1 ratio and build up the color intensity with several applications.

Q: How safe are the dyes?

A: Our solvent dye are belonging to low toxicity and non hazardous. The color would be permanently existed on the surface of the items which you pained.

Q: How do we name the solvent dye?

A: When we look into solvent dye, we can find many products. The direct names we can find are their names with colors, for example, solvent red.
But we also add a number behind the color, for there are varies of products against the color, such as solvent red 26, solvent yellow 14.
So in one word, the name of solvent dyes are usually appear as “solvent+ color+ number”

Q:Do you charge a handling fee when you ship samples out?

A: Yes, we do. But the fee is acceptable and you will find the samples are both excellent in quality and reasonable in price although we charge a handing fee.

Q:Which office and who do I call or email to ask questions?

A: We are one of the main exporters of solvent dye from China; if you have any questions,You can Contact Us through telephone,e-mail, and fax. And we will send the details of the answers after receiving the question .