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Solvent red 27

Product : Solvent Red 27
C.I. Name/No:Solvent red 27; C.I.26125
CAS 1320-06-5
Hue: Bluish Red
Solvent Red 27 also can be called as Oil Red O, Sudan Red 5B, C.I. 26125, C26H24N4O is a lysochrome (fat-soluble dye) diazo dye used for staining of neutral triglycerides and lipids on frozen sections and some lipoproteins on paraffin sections. It has the appearance of a red powder with maximum absorption at 518(359) nm.
Synonyms :1-(2,5-Dimethyl-4-(2,5-dimethylphenylazo)phenylazo)-2-naphthol; Oil red O
Molecular structure
Molecular formula: C26H24N4O
Molecular weight: 408.49
Foreign relative product:
Fat Red 2B 02 (CLAR)
Oil Red O (SIM)
Spectra Oil Red O (SPEC)
Sudan Red 5B [W] (BASF)
Waxol Red DXXN (DEVI)
Aizen SOT Red-2 (HCC)
Use: Coating, plastic cement, printing ink, and particularly applicable to the coloring Of petroleum Products
Light Heat fastness(℃) Water fastness Soda (5%) hydrochloric acid (5%)
melting point stability
Good 108-120 200 insoluble unaffected unaffected

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