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Solvent black 7 is very slightly soluble in ethyl acetate & butyl acetate, slightly soluble in cellosolve, benzene, toluene, xylene, mineral oil, turpentine, linseed oil, soluble in paraffin wax, in white spirit, water.

CAS No. : 8005-02-5
Chemical Name : Solvent black 7
Synonyms : NIGROSIN;C.I. 50415b;INDULIN BLACK;Nigrosin Base;NIGROSINE BASE;Oil Black 2020;Solvent black 7;Spirit Black SA
CBNumber : CB9372373

Solvent Black 7 Application:

Dissolved in a fatty acid, especially oleic or stearic acid to form the oleate or stearate, used extensively for shoes polishes, in oil fats and waxes, for typewriter ribbons, carbon copying papers, for stamping ink. And to some small extend in printing ink, in P/F moulding powders and pre-disso lved in rosin for NC lacquers, the stearate and oleate are used for rot gravure inks. It is also used in leather dyeing and leather dying and leatherinishes.

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