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Let’s talk about Solvent red 164

Solvent is a kind of dissolved solids, liquid or gas enthalpy of liquid, which in turn become the solution. Red and yellow solvent dyes are often azo dyes, green and blue ones tend to be anthraquinone dyes.
Solvent red 164 (C31H34N4O) is a common red dye used for marking taxed or rebated fuels. Solvent red 164 also known as Oil Red B.
The main use of Solvent Red 164 is used as a fuel dye to distinguish low-taxed heating oil from automotive diesel fuel, and to mark fuels with higher sulfur content.
Solvent red 164 is also used to dye some hydraulic fluids and some other hydrocarbons, predominantly gasoline.
TongShun Chemical Co, Ltd, set up in 2008, is a modern enterprise manufacturing solvent dyes, fluorescent pigments dyes and dyestuff intermediates. Currently, our products are exported to dozens of countries abroad.
Our solvent dyes and pigments are widely used in plastic, fiber masterbatch, paint, printing ink, etc.; most of our products comply with relative EU legislation in regard to heavy metal and aromatic amine. Quality and innovation are what we guarantee to achieve customers’satisfactions.