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Study on Solvent Yellow 14

Solvent Yellow 14(C16H12N2O) is available in the form of orange powder that it is soluble in ethanol for orange red, and soluble in acetone and benzene, insoluble in water.
Solvent Yellow 14 has the all the best features of chemicals like LOD of 0.5%, melting point of 133 C, insolubility in toluene is 1.0% max, chloride content is 0.1% and of neutral ph scale.
It is an azo compound. Azo, diazo, azido compounds can detonate. This applies in particular to organic azides that have been sensitized by the addition of metal salts or strong acids.
TongShun Chemical Co, Ltd, set up in 2008, is a modern enterprise manufacturing solvent dyes, fluorescent pigments dyes and dyestuff intermediates. Currently, our products are exported to dozens of countries abroad.
Our solvent dyes and pigments are widely used in plastic, fiber masterbatch, paint, printing ink, etc.; most of our products comply with relative EU legislation in regard to heavy metal and aromatic amine. Quality and innovation are what we guarantee to achieve customers’satisfactions.