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Development and Character of Solvent Red and Purple

Solvent Dyes red, purple color spectrum, including azo dyes (especially double azo), metal complex dyes, acid dye amine salts, anthraquinone derivatives and some other heterocyclic dyes.
1. Azo Dyes: Red, purple monoazo dye solvent varieties less, early to 2- Cai Fen is the coupling components synthesis commodity grades of Sudan red varieties, such as C.I. Solvent Red 1, red 4, solvent and Solvent Red 17. Where c. I. Solvent Red 1 is still used for oil products, grease, wax, polystyrene resin coloring, dyes can also be used as smoke. C . I. Solvent Red 24 is widely used in petroleum, ABS,PS, SOAP, candles, that is known as the Red 24 the candle or oil-soluble red.
2. Metal complex dyes and acid dye amine salts: Acid dyes and organic amines or salts in combination with basic dyes, as Solvent Dye has the special properties:
Improvement of light fastness, gives the dark tones and bright shade.
Increasing polarity, improve resistance to sublimation and migration performance, making it more than ordinary oil-soluble dyes.
The solubility of major general metal complex dyes soluble in alcohol is better.
Select different organic amines, not soluble in alcohols, ketones, soluble in benzene and toluene Solvent Dyes.
Anthraquinone derivatives: Onion Stuffed substituted derivatives of Solvent Dyes can be red, purple spectrum, light fastness and chemical stability is superior to the azo, especially Onion Stuffed with 11-digit-amino, alkyl-aromatic amino hydrogen, and formation of intramolecular hydrogen bonds contribute to performance improvement of colour fastness.
Some other heterocylic dyes: Some heterocyclic derivatives, Solvent Red can be given, if 6-31-surrounded rebels one of Wai-o-one, with p-cyclohexyl amine, amine condensation reactions, respectively, applicable to all kinds of plastic resins (polyethylene Acrylic resin, PS,ABS,PMMA,PET, PC) shaded blue-red dye, C.I. C.I and Solvent Red 52 and Solvent Red 149.