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Functional Dyes' Application in Textile Dyeing and Finishing (PART III)

4.Humidity sensitive, thermal coatings
Humidity sensitive, the thermal sensitive coating is an inorganic coating made of cobalt salts. Both coatings can usually be used in pigment printing process. Overall, however, this kind the discolored paint's discoloration of sensitivity and color depth is much lower, besides, the wash fastness is not good enough, and more sensitive to acid and alkali, pending further study.
5. Electrochromic dye
When the dipole moment direction of the dye is changed by the swift of the electric field, its color is also changed with the electric field change, this class of dyes are known as electric photochromic dyes, or the electro-sensitive dye. If textile materials are used as the substrate to produce the functionality of this electronic control discoloration dye to the desired product, such as a large color display, shading material, there will be some special features worth studying.
6.Colored polymers
Colored polymers mean molecular polymers themselves with hair color system. In fact, the colored polymer can be used for the coloring of plastics or fiber's forming solution. Similarly, coating, paint, printing and dyeing foam printing should be able to use the kinds of colored body. The polymer dye has both the advantages of the pigment colorant, and coloring a solvent soluble dye, it can even be colored macromolecule react combined into one by a covalent bond, thus worthy of further research.
7.Metal ion, solvatochromic dye
Discoloration of the metal ion dye isthe color change of a class of dyes can be caused by metal ion chelate. Solvatochromic dye refers to a class of solvent dyes whose color can vary with the polarity of the solvent. Because of the photochromic properties, the metal ion discoloration dye obtained more possibilities of gaining multicolor staining and printing products.