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Solvent red 164

Solvent Red 164, also called Oil Red B, is a synthetic solvent red . Its chemical structure is 1-[[4-[phenylazo]-phenyl]azo]-2-naphthol.Its main use is as a fuel dye to distinguish low-taxed heating oil from automotive diesel fuel, and to mark fuels with higher sulfur content.It is also used to dye some hydraulic fluids and some other hydrocarbons, predominantly gasoline.

Product: Solvent red 164
C.I. Name/No: Solvent red 164;
CAS 71819-51-7
Hue: Bluishred
Synonyms: 1-[[2,5-dimethyl-4-[(2-methylphenyl)azo]-phenyl]azo]-2-naphthol
Molecular Structure:
Molecular Formula: C31H34N4O
Molecular Weight: 478.63
Use: Taxed or rebated fuels