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PVC Fluorescent Silk Printing Ink

Product property
The daylight fluorescent pigment is selected as coloring reagent of the product, showing gay and bright color. The brightness of this product is incomparable. It shows good adhesion on surface of PVC and PET. It can be used in printing white paper, PVC, PET and be used in many domains, for examples, seated pad of children vehicle, children shoes, schoolbag, traveling pocket, advertisement, trademark, plastic pocket, children toy etc. gay coloring goods.
Applied Reference
1 .The prduct should be used to print on the white background which is not transparent in order to get gay dazzling effect.If the background is not white, it should be coated with white ink first.The more it is white,the more the fluores ent effect is good.
2 .The product must be stirred evenly before application and be mixed with suitable diluent selected according to the feature of picture, the quantity of silk net, the property of absorbing ink, printing speed, environment temperature etc. so that the printing is convenient and the thickness of ink is enough. The more thickness of ink layer is thick, the more weather resistance is good.
3 .The tools for printing must keep clean. The fluorescent ink with similar chromatism can match each other, it shall define by experiment.
4 .The diluent of common PVC silk printing ink or cyclohexanone can be selected as the diluent of the product.
Lemon yellow; Golden yellow; Orange yellow; Orange; Red; Pink; Magenta; Violet; Blue; Green.
In iron bucket, 1kg×16can(Per box).
Mainly technical index(There is not blocking in the storing time, it can stir elvenly and can dilute.)



Shade (compares with standard)

Similar to slight

Color strength (compares with standard)%


Solid content %


Particle size (μm)


Viscosity Pa.s