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FZ Fluorescent Pigments

Product property
FZ series with high color rendering fluorescent, especially thermal stability, and for coloring plastics. In sunlight and fluorescent under ultraviolet light, bright colors.
Heat Detection
PP particles (Singapore production) 150g, fluorescent pigment 0.6g, liquid paraffin drops 2-3, full uniform after mixing, proofing injection; up to 210 οC, 260 οC, respectively, proofing; temperature of observation.
FZ-11 Taohong FZ-16 golden FZ-21 magenta FZ-17 Lemon Yellow FZ-14 Orange FZ-18 Green FZ-15 Orange
1, the use of plastic processing additives, the testing should be the length of its pigment stability of FZ.
2, storage, transportation, attention should be paid to ensure a cool, dry and dark. To heat, moisture will lead to bonding. In the sun will fade in the sun. Because the bright light, color fight improper application or improper choice of agent may cause the loss of fluorescence.
Mainly technical index




≤ 2.0%

Softening point

90-95 ο C

Average particle size



With the standard approximation-colored


≥ 95%

Oil absorption

≤ 45%

Heat resistance

240-280 οC