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FT Daylight Fluorescent Pigments

Product property
The daylight fluorescent pigment is different from the common pigment.It can turn some of absorbed light (including ultraviolet) into fluorescence with longer wavelength and similar color with normal reflected light.This fluorescence plus normal reflected light causes color of fluorescent pigment with particularly bright and gay.
The products have relatively good solvent resistance and can be used to manufac ture pencil paint,net printing ink,paper printing ink etc.products with polar solvent.It's also used in plastic coloring,particularly in PVC coloring.
Lemon yellow; Golden yellow; Orange yellow; Orange; Red; Pink; magentaBlue; Green.
In weave Pocket or cardboard bucket lined with plastic film, net weight 20 kg.
Mainly technical index



Shade (compares with standard)

similar to slight

color strength (compares with standard) %


Oil absorption %


Particle size (average μm)


Temperature resistance oC


Solvent resistance

Low solvent resistance such as alcohol, ketone, ester,(ether) etc. low molecular aliphatic hydrocarbon,aromatic hydrocarbon etc. organic solvent.
High solvent resistance, such as relatively big molecular ketone,ester etc.polar solvent.