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FH Daylight Fluorescent Pigments

Product property
The daylight fluorescent pigment is different from the common pigment. It can turn some of absorbed light (including ultraviolet) into fluorescence with longer wavelength and similar color with normal reflected light. This fluorescence plus normal reflected light causes color of fluorescent pigment with particularly bright and gay.
1 .FH fluorescent pigment belongs to the themoplastic resins and can maintain no rmality under 220oC processing temperature in short time, it relatively applied to coloring PE and PP, PVC is easily influenced by dyes removing, so FT daylight fluorescent of this plant is relatively applied. The application of other PS etc. plastics is hypercritical, and so identical plastic mades every a batch material, the application of FH fluorescent pigment should depended on the experiment.
2 .FH fluorescent pigment molecule is dispersed in plastic when it is heated at melting, so the processing temperature should be higher than 135oC.
3 .The fluorescent pigment shows good transpareny. It demands more quantities, Plastic coloring in order to get good fluorescent effect. The more colored flake or film is thin, the more quantity is big. Simultaneouslyadvantages for raising lightfastness.
4 .Plastic coloring sbould choose suitable auxiliary. When application is not suitable, may reduce fluorescent effect or increase the removing dyestuff.
5 .The dry method, wet method and color concentrate method can be used in coloring procedure. In the wet method, 1% acetone of plastic particle can be added. In the color concentrate method, gaseous white carbon black, polyethylene wax, ethylene acrylic acid copolymer etc. can be used as auxiliary.
6 .The product may lump to hot and wet, so pay attention in storage and packaging
7 .The fluorescent pigment of similar color can match each other. The few common pigment of well transparency also can match.
Fuchsine; Pink; Orange red; Red; Orange yellow; Golden yellow; Lemon yellow; Green; Blue etc.
Packed in weave pocket or cardboard bucket lined with plastic film. Net weight 20kg.
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Shade (compares with standard)

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Softening point


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